Designing the built environment for enhanced sustainability & wellbeing


HPDS is an interdisciplinary team at Stanford University with expertise in architecture, structural and materials engineering, human-computer interaction, psychology, environmental behavior, and security, privacy and law. We are collaborating to generate new knowledge regarding aspects of the built environment that promote both environmental sustainability and occupant performance and wellbeing. With our insights, we hope to develop a building information platform and digital and physical adaptations that can easily be employed in building design and management.

project 1

Online Studies

Pilot experiments administered through online surveys derived statistically significant links between built features, sense of belonging and self-efficacy. Ongoing studies are exploring environmental behavior, privacy concerns, and transitions between working at home and in the office.

project 2

Lab Studies

Double-blind, controlled and randomized studies are measuring the potential effect of systematically varied built environment features on human well-being. These studies are conducted on the Stanford campus with participants from across the university.

project 3

Field Studies

Current studies are taking a deeper dive into how smart spaces can enhance occupant capabilities, with the goal of expanding to broader populations, developing our data collection and learning platform and deploying adaptive interventions in realistic settings for longitudinal periods.

project 4

Design Studies

A series of projects aimed at understanding the effects of biophilic design on human well-being, through an exploration of physical and digital design interventions.

Sarah Billington

James Landay

Elizabeth Murnane

Martin Fischer

Pablo Paredes

Nick Camp

Jen King

John Barton

Jean Costa

Kyle S. Douglas

Nicole Ardoin

Nik Sawe

Jackie Yang

Isabella Douglas

Andreas Katsanevas

Matthew Mauriello

Charu Srivastava

Tzu-Sheng Kuo

Dunia Karzai

Basma Altaf

Sheri D. Sheppard

Catherine Gorle

Fahmida A. Bangert

Adina Sterling

Soowon Kim

Deborah Balfanz

Gerry Hamilton

Rahul Goel

Brandon Byers

Usman Khaliq

Dhara Yu

Bryce Johnson

Michael Cooper

Sarah Lyons-Padilla

Margaret Ackerson

Lucy Bencharit

Andrew Ying

Alex Weitzman

Lupe Gomez

Anthony Villalobos

Alana Connor

Vincent Nacandro

Charlotte Lamm

Akram Sbaih

Luoyi Yang